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Bob believes that every family deserves the strongest possible protection and the chance to control their money in later life - no matter what! 

He's committed to listening to you with sensitivity and respect. For example, he'll aim to make sure that the money that you've worked all your life to save, is not taken from you in the event of nursing home care.

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I highly recommend Bob Brumfield. He handled our case with the utmost professionalism. He provided counsel in a delicate matter and was a trusted resource throughout the process.
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Not being in control of your money that you've worked all your life to save can have a devastating effect on your life. For example, if you've not prepared, you may lose nearly everything to pay for nursing home care.

For more than 35 years, Bob Brumfield has protected countless families and their hard-earned money from unexpected events.

Bob's ability to listen to you, map out an estate planning strategy and follow through with aggressive advocacy is invaluable in securing a safer future.


Not being in control of your money can have devastating effects on your life.


“I treat my clients with dignity

and respect while ensuring they are in full control of their money and assets in later life.”

Bob H. Brumfield


Estate planning can be complex and attorney Bob H. Brumfield knows that the right approach is essential. That’s why he gets to work immediately to gain a thorough understanding of the details and the situation you're facing. Even the smallest detail can be the key to dramatically affecting how your money is protected for generations to come. Bob H. Brumfield will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your family's money is safe but accessible. He will package your estate so if anyone challenges it you'll have nothing to worry about.


When your money is at stake, you don’t want an attorney who deals with just a few estate planning or elder law cases each month. The protection of your finances, especially when it comes to having them exempt from being used to pay for care in later life is why you need a lawyer with substantial elder law experience. Attorney Bob H. Brumfield has that experience for those in Bakersfield, CA and the surrounding areas.

He makes sure that you thoroughly understand the complicated tax, financial and legal terminology and concepts by using plain English at all times.

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Bob knows that it’s important for you to find the right attorney when you’re worried about safeguarding your family's estate. That’s why he offers a free phone consultation about your trusts and estates matter. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to Bob via a FREE NO-OBLIGATION PHONE CALL about your situation, hear your options, and decide that Bob is the lawyer to protect and preserve your estate.

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